Assessor's visit

What to expect from the assessor visit

Each assessment takes up to half a day and the programme is as follows:

  • Meeting with pupils for 30 minutes
  • Discussion with RE subject leader about the criteria – 1 hour 15 mins
  • Meeting with headteacher (or member of the senior leadership team responsible for RE) - 15 minutes

After the assessment you will be asked to give some feedback about how you found the process. If appropriate, we would also like to use photographs of your work for the REQM website. (Read the Code of Conduct for assessors.)

You will be contacted by the REQM administrator to confirm your award.

Add this itemAn award for display will be sent to the school. You will also be sent logos for use on stationery and your website. (For further information, see the Publicity section)

The award is valid for three years.