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The REQM team believe that religious education has a unique contribution to make to young people’s development.


The REQM team believes that religious education has a unique contribution to make to young peoples’ development and to our wider communities..

RE provides space in the curriculum where learners and their teachers can explore the important ideas about what it means to be human and to learn about religion and worldviews. 

RE is full of the big questions of meaning and purpose, how we celebrate and how we decide what is right and wrong. The REQM team enjoys working with schools and pupils finding out what they enjoy about religious education and what could make it even better. 

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The RE Quality Mark was developed by Jane Brooke and Mary Myatt as a way of celebrating high quality practice.

The RE Quality Mark has been managed by the RE Council of England and Wales since 2015.

Where RE is well taught it gives pupils and students the chances to think about, reflect and respond to matters of faith, belief and values through the study of religion and worldviews. Pupils say RE opens their eyes to how others see the world and gives them the chance to express their insights about how we respond to the big questions of being human.

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