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It was great to have time to think about RE and wonderful to be able to discuss our department....

Gold award winning school

This school puts RE at the very heart of its planning across the curriculum with cross curricular based around...

REQM assessor

It is challenging to put yourself into the position of someone else.

Secondary school student

In numeracy it’s right or wrong – in RE you can express what’s inside.

Year 6 pupil

RE makes you think of questions which you might never have thought of like ‘should we take religion to...

Secondary student

RS is so important for understanding life and our part in it.

Secondary student

The skills based approach allows us to develop our leadership skills through promoting class discussions and presentations.

Secondary student

RE is like an iceberg – as you unpack things you come to understand deeper meaning as in the...

Secondary student

We had a Skype call to a school in Thailand and they told us all about Buddhism and showed...

Year 6 pupil, small rural school

RE is essential for learning, it helps us become broad-minded about life, rather than staying closed minded.

Secondary student

It helps you build friends both at school and beyond.

Secondary student

I think RE is a good and helpful way to understand what other people believe and respect.

Secondary student

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