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My best learning experience in RE was when my teacher put out some Jewish objects on a table. There...

Primary pupil

We all enjoy class discussions and questions in RE lessons, and it is useful that someone always finds a ‘but…’...

Primary pupils

Because of RE, when I hear something on TV about attacks I know that not all Muslims are bad.

Primary pupil

I like acting things out. It makes it more interactive. I get to do it. I like talking and...

Primary pupil

RE really makes me think about the problems in the world today and I learn about things I never...

Secondary student

Having an extra lesson of RE each week would make RE better.

Primary pupil

I love this subject!

Secondary student

At the end of year 9 I was set to fail the GCSE. The RS department has helped me...

GCSE RS student

Can people really forgive and forget?

Secondary student

RE is a fun subject which is very educational and is very different to any other subject as it...

Secondary student

I like learning about RE. There’s no right or wrong answer. People respect your opinions.

Year 4 pupil

RE has really helped me understand other points of view e.g. I have cousins who are Muslim and we...

Secondary student

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