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RE makes us ask questions in other subjects too- like science. It’s important to consider other views

Secondary student

RE is more interesting if you’re not religious because you find out about different religions and you don’t feel...

Year 8 student

I like RE because of the way it broadens my understanding of the world and its culture to alter...

Secondary student

Most RE lessons consist of debates and discussions: much more interesting than just writing in a book!

Secondary student

We ask such difficult questions in RE that even our teacher can’t answer them!

Year 6 pupil

I loved the fact that when an example of evidence from the REQM criteria was unknown to this teacher...

REQM assessor

We respect and ask questions that don’t make fun of other people’s religions.

Year 4 pupil

It’s fun learning about different religions and beliefs. It helps you to learn respect.

Year 6 pupil

I love the connection between RS and the wider world.

Secondary student

‘In RE, Ilike that we are free to give any opinion that we want to give, that we are not...

Secondary student

I like the philosophical aspects of RE – you can apply the thinking to what’s happening now.

Secondary student

I like heated debates ad discussion in RE as they show me how passionate we can be about topics....

Secondary student

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