This is what learners, teachers and assessors are saying about RE and the REQM.

I thoroughly enjoyed our educational visits such as to the Crumlin Road Gaol, and our trip to Poland…RE focuses...

Secondary student

I liked it when we get creative. I liked when we wrote on leaves our wishes, what we wish...

Year 2 pupil

A big question stays with you until you find the answer.

Year 4 pupil

The whole experience has highlighted the importance of RE within school and the contributions it can make across the...

Silver award winning school

The issues we discuss in RE go beyond the classroom. Even in the quad, groups of students will discuss...

Secondary school student

The process has challenged us further; we have already put in place a number of new ideas, such as...

Gold award winning school

In RE lessons, we reflect on our work in class and note our mistakes. We use phrases like ‘on...

Secondary student

In RE I get a sense of being with everyone else in the class in a way that doesn’t...

Secondary student

Where we live there is little opportunity to gain first hand experience of other cultures and religious beliefs but...

Secondary student

RE contributes a huge amount to the school ethos.

RE Head of Department

In RE, we discuss, come back to things and then we always think of something else we hadn’t thought...

Secondary student

It is fun and the homework is interesting … even my dad finds it interesting!

Secondary student

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