This is what learners, teachers and assessors are saying about RE and the REQM.

We get many opportunities to do activities about Religious Studies, like I went on Hope FM radio to have...

Year 9 student

Tom told us how to make a logical argument and philosophise about the steady state and big bang theories...

Year 6 pupil

RE is relevant to the present as we make links between current affairs and faith scriptures.

Year 12 student

In RE you get to see the rest of the world.

Secondary school student

RE has an expectation of respect in lessons – this extends outside the classroom.

Secondary student

I like the open questions we think about and get asked. When I listen to others they help me...

Year 6 pupil

RE is about thinking hard as you have to really think about other peoples’ thoughts, and then help them...

Year 6 pupil

I really enjoy the on-going debate that I have with my teacher who poses questions while marking my books....

Secondary student

I learn in RE through stories – they make me think and use my imagination.

Year 3 pupil

I like that we are free to give any opinion that we want to give, that we are not...

Secondary student

The REQM made us realise the importance of the role we can play in the local community, both in...

Gold award winning school

I like the way RE helps us show respect for others.

Primary pupil

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